Toucher & Rich

BOSTON (CBS) – If you’re a frequent listener of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich show, you know that call screener Adolfo Gonzalez is a man of many interests.

He’s a big fan of comic books, he’s dabbled in the martial arts, and more recently he’s given play-by-play announcing a serious try.

Adolfo has tried calling the Kentucky Derby, the NHL Playoffs, and is now diving head first into the NFL world.

You never know, there could be a time when Bob Socci gets sick, and the Patriots Radio Network needs a fill-in.

Adolfo is honing his craft in the broadcast booth to be the next great play-by-play man, but needless to say he’s still got a lot of work to do — he should probably shadow Jon Wallach at Bryant games for awhile.

Week 6 in the NFL was full of exciting games, the only problem is we can’t tell which ones he’s attempting to call. Just sounds like a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo.

Who is Hani Bernard? There go the cold cuts? What?

He’s back for another edition of Adolfo Makes The Call!

Listen below!


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