BOSTON (CBS) —  It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday night on The Adam Jones Show’s Game of Jones!

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following topics around the world of sports:

– Buy or Sell: With emergence of Brandon LaFell, Brian Tyms and Tim Wright, Tom Brady has enough offensive weapons:

“I’m going to buy it and here’s why: You look at it now with Tom Brady getting enough protection and enough time, and you look at it with Rob Gronkowski healthy. If Gronk is going to be close to 100 percent and is able to catch-and-run, move with the football, then that is an elite weapon in the league. He looks like he’s going to be that guy, so if he’s out there, if Julian Edelman continues to produce at a high level, then these other weapons… you can piece together enough of a compliment on that offense.”

– Buy or Sell: The second best team in the AFC East finishing the season with at least a .500 record:

“I buy that the Bills will get to .500 this season. I don’t know if they’ll go over 8-8,” said Jones. “They have a good defense and a couple of weapons on offense.”

– Buy or Sell: The two best teams in college football right now are both in the state of Mississippi:

“I’m going to buy that as well. If you look at the defense that Mississippi State and Ole Miss play, it’s been off the charts. Typically in the SEC, that is what wins” said Jones. “I feel like in that league you’re battle-tested every week, and when you do continue to show what those two teams have shown the last few weeks, I do think they’re legit.”

– Buy or Sell: The Bruins scoring will be fine when David Krejci gets his legs back:

“I buy that too. I think they’ll figure it out. It’s been an issue through the first four games, but the bigger issue with them is missing Johnny Boychuk,” said Jones. “He’s a guy they could rely on in the postseason, when you really need to put the clamps down on opponents.

“It’s hard to really pile on with the Bruins’ lack of scoring until we have a good look with Krejci,” said Jones. “I do buy that their scoring will be fine now that they have Krejci back.”

– Buy or Sell: The new Ghostbusters film in the works with an all-female cast:

“I sell it. I know we were talking about it a little bit off-air, brainstorming who your cast would be. But I have no desire to see it, so I’ll sell an all-female Ghostbusters,” said Jones.

“It could be funny, but it’s just like another one of those remake, sequel things,” said Keefe. “I may not see it in the theaters, but I’ll eventually see it.”

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