BOSTON (CBS) — With a woeful Red Sox season coming to a close last weekend, Toucher & Rich decided to send Adolfo to Fenway for one final edition of “Ask A Pink Hat.”

Adolfo may have saved the best for last too, as he found one lady who has been a Red Sox fan for “forevs” outside of the ole ballpark, as the world of Major League Baseball said goodbye to Derek Jeter.

According to this fan, Derek Jeter is on the Sox, who are led by manager David Ortiz.

See how she did with the rest of Adolfo’s questions:

– Who is your favorite player on the Red Sox?

– Who is the manager of the Boston Red Sox?

– What is a shortstop? 

What do you call the large patch of grass where the outfielders stand?

– How many players are in a batting lineup?

– What division are the Red Sox in?

– What does ERA stand for?

– What is a rubber match?


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