BOSTON (CBS) — What should the Red Sox do with third baseman Will Middlebrooks?

With Middlebrooks once again struggling, both at the plate and with injuries, in 2014, many wonder what his future is with the team.

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CSNNE’s Sean McAdam joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak on Thursday afternoon to discuss the third baseman’s future, and if it will be with the Boston Red Sox.

“Middlebrooks is on a homer-less streak that has now reached 200-something at bats,” McAdam brought up about the .191 hitter.

McAdam recently asked manager John Farrell how much of Middlebrooks’ struggles have to do injuries, and Farrell acknowledged that wasn’t the only factor. McAdam said that the Sox manager went out of his way to mention that “Middlebrooks’ injuries are not any worse than a lot of other guys in the lineup.”

Outside of his struggles at the plate and not being in the lineup due to his own requests, Middlebrooks is reportedly unwilling to play any winter ball this year despite the recommendation of Sox management.

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“Middlebrooks’ reluctance to go play winter ball—that clearly is a sticking point between he and the organization at this point,” McAdam said.

Middlebrooks is basically saying he can’t play now and he doesn’t want to play in the near future either, which for obvious reasons makes the Red Sox upset about the situation. It may be getting to the point where the Red Sox ready to move on from the once-promising prospect.

However, McAdam added that, “fairly recently, the word in the organization was ‘We’re afraid that if we trade this guy, he’s going to blossom into the guy we saw back in 2012, and he’s going to be a 30 home run guy.'”  He went on to say due to recent public comments, the team might have come off that stance a little bit.

McAdam finished by saying that the Red Sox have depth at first and third base with Allen Craig under contract for another three years, and that could leave the door open for Middlebrooks’ departure.

Listen Below:

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