BOSTON (CBS) — Thursday night means it’s time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones!

Here are the questions:

– You are Mark Cuban: Are you enjoying the bad PR the NFL is getting, and how commissioner Roger Goodell looks right now?

“How could you not love it if you’re in another sport. The NFL is constantly talked about as the preeminent league in American sports, and people worship these owners,” Jones said as Cuban. “The fact that the NFL is getting its comeuppance in some way, shape or form, the fact that these owners, even indirectly, are being called out as much as they can be, it’s great for the other sports.

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“You don’t like to see domestic violence in any way, shape or form, but the NFL getting the criticism it deserves. I think we all want to see that?”

– You are Paul George: Were you hacked, or what’s your story with those tweets?

“I wasn’t hacked — that’s such a 2012 excuse,” Jones said as George. “But did you see my injury? Here is the thing, I’m on some heavy medication for that, and I wasn’t in my right mind when I was tweeting that out. Obviously those were inexcusable remarks.”

– You are Dustin Pedroia: Why did you wait until Thursday if you needed this surgery for a while?

“Well, I have a lot of security with my contract,” Jones said as the Sox second baseman. “Part of the allure and what people love about me is I play through everything and am out there every day. I think my teammates sort of take my cues, and that’s part of the charm of Dustin Pedroia. So if I can be out there and the medical staff isn’t going to hold me off the field I’ll try to play through it until we’re mathematically eliminated.”

– You are Bill Belichick (who has been slipped some truth serum): Would you rather have Cordarrelle Patterson or Jamie Collins and Logan Ryan?

“I would rather have Jamie Collins and Logan Ryan. I would rather have Josh Boyce, a seventh-round pick that we turned into LeGarrette Blount,” said Jones, with Keefe chiming in that the truth serum isn’t working. “I believe that I’m a brilliant enough coach that can coach up a number of these guys; second, third, fourth-round picks. I don’t need guys at 29 — I want to build up the middle and back-end of my roster, and I’ll figure it out from there.”

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– You are Johnny Boychuk: Have you already packed your bags?

“I haven’t packed my bags, but I don’t think I’m sticking around,” Jones said as the B’s defenseman. “I haven’t packed my bags yet because I don’t know where I’m going, but I don’t expect to be back. It’s a shame because I want to be here and on a team that can compete for a Stanley Cup. But because Peter Chiarelli has the Bruins in the situation they’re in and need some wiggle room under the cap — and maybe need some talent on their forward lines. I’m the most obvious piece to go.”

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