BOSTON (CBS) – At the 9/11 memorial in Boston’s Public Garden, what was supposed to be a lasting tribute is not holding up. Black veins have scarred the pink granite so badly that in some places you can’t even read the names.

Critics blame skateboarders for battering the monument which Mayor Walsh calls a sacred place.

“It’s a great monument and memorial,” Walsh said. “What we have to do is make sure we protect it and hopefully skateboarders will have respect. You can go to other places. That’s not a place to be skateboarding.”

The Garden of Remembrance, which was built in 2004, commemorates over 200 people with ties to Massachusetts who died in the terrorist attacks.

Walsh says the city will do maintenance and repair work on the monument after the winter.

Boston's 9/11 memorial in the Public Garden. (WBZ-TV)

Boston’s 9/11 memorial in the Public Garden. (WBZ-TV)



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