BOSTON (CBS) – It was an Over/Under Tuesday night on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

In this latest edition, Adam Jones gives his take on the following topics:

– Rushing yards for Adrian Peterson against Patriots: 120 yards

“I’m going to go under, and here’s why. I still believe that the Patriots are going to answer in a big way, and if Bill Belichick wants to scheme to take away a running back he can do it — even if it’s the best in the game,” said Jones. “That’s more of a belief in Belichick than it is anything we saw on Sunday.”

– Starts for Brian Hoyer this year: 4.5 starts

“I’m still going under. I was the guy at the bar on Sunday saying ‘the Browns have to get Hoyer out and get Johnny Manziel in there.’ And all of a sudden Hoyer led them on a big comeback and looked pretty good,” said Jones. “I still take the under because I think Johnny Football is going to be the guy. If not, what did you draft him for?

“Once they lose a couple of games or a handful of games, and they’re sitting 0-3 after their bye week, Manziel is going to be the guy.”

– Touchdowns for Calvin Johnson: 16 touchdowns

“He had a nice start against an awful Giants secondary (with two touchdowns)… I will take the over on that number,” said Jones. “Calvin Johnson could have had four or five touchdowns in that game, and I’m not even exaggerating. Not that they were easy catches, but how many times did Matt Stafford throw up a jump ball that Johnson almost reeled in? Maybe it’s the new offense or the new offensive coordinator, but it does seem like they’re targeting Calvin Johnson quite a bit. I’ll go over.”

– Major league hits this season for Rusney Castillo: 5 hits

“I’m going to go over. I think he plays for a couple of weeks… and if you play in a handful of games or 10 games, he should have over those five hits,” said Jones. “There is a benefit in getting him adjusted to his teammates, Fenway Park, his coaches and manager. I think they want him up here and I think he’ll get more than those five hits.”

– Series wins for the Baltimore Orioles this postseason: .5 series

“I don’t think they have the pitching to win a series in the postseason,” said Jones. “I think their offense is legit but I’m not buying into their pitching.”

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