By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

MAYNARD (CBS) – There is a new look on the streets of Maynard and it’s an idea that is moving public perception forward.

Jon Smith from Maynard says, “Oh, I love it I can’t believe they came up with the idea.”

It is a new spin on an old design, the handicap parking sign is getting redone and it shows the person in an active, more modern position. The town administrator thinks it’s great.

Kevin Sweet says, “What I like about this is that it’s a person capable of movement and action.”

Sweet says he is on board with the changes and so far all the town spots and the ones at the schools have been refreshed. But the idea wasn’t his, or any adults. The change was a push from a local high school senior. Kayla O’Mahony tells us from her college dorm, it was her senior project.

Kayla says, “I thought it was a great was to spread awareness.”

She wanted to show people with different abilities and not disabilities so she went before the town board and had the stencil made. It’s no cost to the town, but already people are on board.

Jon Smith says, “To me it’s the future, like a more modern version of the same symbol.”

Jeremy Henrickson says, “I like to think it symbolizes speed and efficiency.”

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Kate Merrill

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