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BOSTON (CBS) – It was another “Would You Rather Wednesday” on the Game of Jones!

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Joe Murray was given the following choices by Matt McCarthy. Play along below:

– Would You Rather own the Patriots or the hardcore Clippers?

Joe Murray: “Patriots. I would rather own the Patriots. First and foremost, you’re worth how many billion dollars? $2.6 billion? I’ll take the Patriots, but the Clippers do have a cool owner. He’s hardcore.”

– Would You Rather face Mo’Ne Davis on a Little League diamond or Clayton Kershaw on a MLB diamond?

Joe Murray: “I’d rather face Kershaw on a Major League diamond. I say that because I know the distance, and Clayton Kershaw is not going to hit me. I think he has pretty good control. I’m a left handed batter and he’s a left handed pitcher, so that would scare me a little bit. But think about Little League diamonds. The plate is not that far away from the mound, and she throws what? 70mph? Give me Kershaw any day of the week. The shorter diamond freaks me out.”

– Would You Rather watch the NFL with replacement referees or with the amount of penalties being called this preseason?

Joe Murray: “I’d rather watch the NFL with replacement referees. I watched some mind-blowing things with the replacements. That Green Bay-Seattle thing? That was unbelievable to watch. Referees now just throw flags whenever they want. They can throw a flag for anything now. Give me the replacement referees because they didn’t know what they were doing and the players could take advantage of it. Now, the refs can control the game much more.”

– Would You Rather have Luke Kuechly or Jerod Mayo on the Patriots?

Joe Murray: “Great question. I would rather Luke Kuechly. The guy is a tackling machine. He can cover players and has a nose for the football. That’s no disrespect to Jerod Mayo, but sometimes I feel like he’s out of place. I feel like he’s a middle linebacker that can play outside, so give me Kuechly any day of the week. He’s younger, makes a little less money — I love Jerod Mayo. In fact, I own his jersey.”

– Would You Rather watch the entire Simpsons marathon (12 days) without getting up or run an actual marathon?

Joe Murray: “Give me The Simpsons. I’m not running a marathon! Are you kidding me?”

Listen and play along, and leave us your answers in the comments section below!

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