BOSTON (CBS) – Former NFL veteran and Sports Hub personality Jermaine Wiggins has an opinion on everything, so when he’s in studio Wednesday afternoons with Felger & Mazz, they have a number of questions at their disposal and ready to go for him to answer.

It was a bittersweet day here at the Sports Hub. While celebrating our 5th Anniversary, we also had to say goodbye to Wiggy, who is moving on to greener pastures. Wiggy will be missed, and on Wednesday we had to play one last game of 10 Questions.

The Final 10 Questions With Wiggy:

10. We’ve asked variations of this question for each of the teams in any given season. Final version of this question: If you could take any player, off any team, in any sport, and put him on a Boston team, who would it be?

9. Wiggy, you have introduced us to the term Chocolate and Thick, your favorite brand of woman. So, we ask you, other than your lovely wife, who is no. 2 on the all-time Chocolate and Thick list? Who should we hold up to the world as the greatest example of Chocolate and Thick?

8. Who is the most overrated athlete in Boston?

7. Who will be the next head coach or GM in Boston to lose his job?

6. We’ve spend a lot of time on what’s a sport and what’s not a sport. Of all the non-sports that are covered on radio and TV, what’s the first one we should eliminate? What’s the biggest non-sport?

5. Final Wiggy Word on the Street: “Skies da limit, gotta make it pop it don’t stop it YA DIG #WIGGSOUT!!!” Please translate.

4. Who will win the next championship in Boston?

3. Who will have to wait the longest?

2. If you were in charge of the Sports Hub and could make one change, in either personnel or content, about the Felger and Massarotti show, what would it be?

1. Who should we get to replace you?

Listen to hear his answers, leave us yours in the comments section and wish Wiggy well on his future endeavors below!

Listen to Wiggy make his announcement, plus a tribute montage put together by Hardy:

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