BOSTON (CBS) – Today we’ll focus on your car and driving with tips from the Car Talk guys Tom and Ray Magliozzi. Now usually these guys give good solid advice and I like to listen to them. But this first one borders on the ridiculous.

Check out problems sooner rather than later. For example, a torn CV boot is a common problem and a simple repair. Delay getting it fixed though and you’ll end up by the side of the road, unable to drive.

Okay, but they don’t tell us what the heck a CV boot is! I asked both my husband and daughter if they knew. Answer was no. Both are engineers! So don’t just run right out to get it fixed.

According to Wise Geek a constant velocity boot is a protective cover that provides protection for the CV joints. These joints allow the front axle to manage the torque produced by the drive wheels. They are found in all front-wheel drive vehicles and there is one boot behind each front wheel.

Now don’t you feel better! But I would recommend getting Triple A just in case your CV boot ever becomes a problem.

Want your car to last? Don’t use it. Chances are there are plenty of times you drive when you could be walking, biking, carpooling or taking public transportation — choices that are better for the environment, your wallet, and your health too.

This makes perfect sense to me. I would assume the same goes for my stove and oven. I wonder how long I can avoid turning on the stove to make it last longer.

Short trips of less than 10 minutes can be particularly hard on a car, resulting in excessive wear and tear. On a short trip, the engine never has a chance to reach normal operating temperature. As a result, water that’s a by-product of combustion stays inside your car’s engine and exhaust. Water is one of three ingredients necessary to make rust (you’ve already got oxygen and metal), and rust kills.

You can tell these guys never drove car pool or picked up after soccer practice.

There is more folks:

Drive gently. Think of your car as your own body. What’s more likely to land you in a full-body cast: a gentle walk around the park or a season of rugby? Accelerate slowly, avoid panic stops and don’t rev your engine in the driveway when it’s cold, before the oil is warm and freely circulating.

Empty your trunk. Most of us know what it feels like to be hauling a few extra pounds around the midriff. It’s no different with your car — excess weight places more demands on your engine and creates suspension, braking and even exhaust problems.

Check your car right now. What’s in there that can come out? You got junk in your trunk! Now bring in that 50 pound bag dog food.


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