BOSTON (CBS) – With Rich Keefe filling in for Adam Jones and Joe Murray handling headlines for Keefe, it was a “Buy Or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

Play along as Keefe and Kaufman tackle the following topics:

Buy or Sell: Jon Lester starting for the Red Sox on Wednesday night?

“I’m selling it. There is too much smoke around this,” said Keefe, noting Jayson Stark’s latest report about the Red Sox calling all contenders to let them know Lester is available. “Why would a team risk him pitching on Wednesday? Not only risk injury, but also [other teams] have to give up a couple solid prospects, so you want him as soon as possible. You don’t want him to start Wednesday for the Red Sox and then not get to use him for five or six days.

“If you have tickets for Wednesday night, I don’t think you’re going to be seeing Jon Lester.”

Buy or Sell: Xander Bogaerts being an outfielder this season?

“This season, I’ll sell it. We’ve heard they’re trying to move Stephen Drew, and if they did that they’d admit what a disaster that was re-signing him. If they move Drew they said they’d want move Middlebrooks up, and I don’t think they have another guy on this roster right now who can play a ton of shortstop other than Bogaerts.

“I’ll sell that he moves to the outfield this year, but long-term, could he be a left fielder or even a center fielder? B.J. Upton started as a shortstop, Gary Sheffield started as a shortstop,” noted Keefe. “So I think he could be an outfielder, but this year they’ll try to move him back to short and see if they can get a definitive answer.”

Buy or Sell: Bat flips after home runs?

“I’m buying it,” said Keefe. I think you can do whatever you want after a home run. Ideally, it would be a game-tying [home run] or you’d already have a lead. It’s how I feel about touchdown celebrations; I love touchdown celebrations, but if you’re down by a couple scores maybe save it for the next time.”

Buy or Sell: Gronk playing in all 16 games this season?

“Sell, that is the easiest sell going,” said Keefe. “We’d all love him to, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Buy or Sell: Darrelle Revis being a pro-bowler this season:

“I’m going to buy it,” said Keefe. “I can’t be as excited, saying how the defense is better than the offense, and not have him be one of the best corners in the game.”

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