FOXBORO (CBS) – First day in pads for the Pats and the physicality of the sessions stepped up. It was the first time the team was on pads since the AFC Championship game.

Pats new corner Brandon Browner said the addition of pads benefits the defense. He said the defense has a chance to pull and push on the pads and that gives them the ability to work some leverage.

Shane Vereen thought the addition of pads helped everybody. He said it was just good to get back to real football again.

Darrelle Revis is very good. Two interceptions on the day and one of them was just right on.

He read Julian  Edelman on a passing play and then turned around at the right time and caught the ball. Coach Belichick said earlier in the week that Revis’ instincts were off the hook and this was an example of that.

The rookies continue to slowly pick it up. Tight end Justin Jones is one of the few guys in camp who can make Gronk look small.

Jones said it’s just about consistency. He wants to continue to make good plays and that’s what’s been tough.

Rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo has taken a beating in the papers for his inconsistency and it has been just. His spirits are up though and he understands that this is a learning process.

To his credit, Garoppolo’s probably right where he needs to be. He’s third string and he looks like a rookie third-string quarterback.

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