BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday night means it’s time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show, a game that requires Jones to be a bit of an actor in getting inside the mind of different people and answering a handful of questions as that specific person.

Here are the questions:

1. You are Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. If it was completely up to you, and president Larry Lucchino was not involved, would you sign Jon Lester to a six-year deal in the range of $140 million or trade 3 prospects for Cole Hamels, who has four years and $90 million left on his deal?

Adam Jones as Ben Cherington: “I am not Larry Lucchino’s puppet even though it appears that way. What would I rather do? Easy. I want the guy back that I know. I want the guy back who helped us win, who was homegrown and a guy who I don’t have to give up any draft capital or prospect capital for. Cole Hamels is a wildcard. There is some risk involved. And I have to give up top prospects? Not interested.”

2. You are Red Sox infielder Xander Bogaerts. Would you rather play third base for the Red Sox or shortstop for another team?

Adam Jones as Xander Bogaerts: “I view myself as a shortstop. I do.  But I came up here and won a World Series from day one with the Red Sox playing third base. In a perfect world I would be the Red Sox shortstop for the next decade. But if they view me as a third baseman I want to be here in a big market where the fans care. I’ll take a little bit of a hit positionally to play in a city where I want to be.”

3. You are former Pacers guard Lance Stephenson. Why did you turn down five years, $44 million from Indiana and take three years, $27 million with Charlotte?

Adam Jones as Lance Stephenson: “Our Pacers club fell apart last year. Lot of in-fighting, and it was just not a place I would call a comfortable working environment. Me and Evan Turner did not see eye to eye. I beat him up on the eve of the playoffs. He’s going to be out of there, but it’s not going to be enough of a turnover there. It’s a bad place to be.”

4. You are golfer Tiger Woods. Will you ever win another major championship?

Adam Jones as Tiger Woods: “If I’m being honest with myself . . . no. I had some nice training methods back in the day, and there was a point in time where I was motivated by golf, and winning and chasing Jack Nicklaus. It’s just not the same for me anymore. I’m not quite the same person I used to be.”

5. You are NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Are you serious with this mid-season tournament idea?

Adam Jones as Adam Silver: “I want an NBA Jam-style tournament mid-season. Now that would put asses in the seats!”

Listen below for the entirety of Game Of Jones!

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