ABINGTON – Most restaurants serve pasta on a plate or in a bowl, but at Mia Regazza on Route 18 in Abington, they stuff it inside a lobster. It’s one of the most indulgent lobster dishes in New England, and it’s only part of the story.

“From a steak, to seafood, to our traditional Parmesans, there’s a little bit of everything for everybody,” said co-owner Kristin Martin.

“Mia Regazza is family,” her husband John added. “It’s that tradition that you had – you remember when you were little your parents called you, said it was dinnertime, sit around the table. I grew up with four brothers and three sisters and we had one big family. We were fighting; there had to be a lot of food on the table and I feel that’s something we had to keep on doing.”

The Martins know the recipe for a great Italian restaurant takes two main ingredients: food and family.

“Mia Regazza stands for ‘my girls’, in Italian, which John and myself have three girls: Valerie, Courtney, and Allison,” Kristin said. “It means a lot to us. The name actually signifies family to us, which is everything.”

The portions at Mia Regazza are certainly family-sized. There are jumbo Sea Scallops wrapped with maple-brandy glazed bacon; thick slabs of Bruschetta with diced tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella; Surf and Turf, Chicken Parm, and Grilled Pizzettas. And then there’s the jaw-dropping, show-stopping Lobster Regazza, described by John.

“It’s a one and quarter pound lobster, pan-steamed, then he sautés scallops, shrimp, mussels, in a scampi sauce with diced tomatoes and scallions. He puts that over angel hair pasta, and then he puts that inside the split lobster, with fresh grated cheese on top.”

“The Lobster Regazza is our crazy over the top dish,” Kristin added. “When you see it go through the restaurant they stop, they stare. I always tell the servers walk a little slower, because people are gonna ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’.”

“The price never changes, it’s $34.95. And it’s a dish that if you went anywhere in Boston, or anywhere else, it would probably be $80,” John proudly bragged.

Like any great neighborhood restaurant, the plates are filling, the prices are affordable, and the service is friendly. With a fun bar in front, a tasteful dining room in the back, and gazebo bar on the patio for the warm weather, Mia Regazza offers plenty of choices in terms of both atmosphere and cuisine. John’s personal favorite dish is the Roasted Garlic Steak Tips.

“Our sirloin tips are, without a doubt, the best anywhere. I don’t have any problem saying that,” John said with confidence. “Ours is true sirloin marinated in garlic, little bit of rosemary, a little bit of teriyaki. Its portion is amazing. You can have those steak tips over a salad. You can have those steak tips with a lobster tail, or just on their own.”

Meanwhile, Kristin prefers the pasta.

“My favorite dish is the Chicken and Sausage Mediterranean,” she said. “You have your fresh Italian sausage, your chicken which is sautéed. It has garlic, feta, spinach, and a white wine sauce, and he puts it over your choice of pasta.”

Dessert is even better, especially the doubly delicious Profiteroles stuffed with ice cream and topped with hot fudge.

But the best part about eating here is the price. Ample appetizers are under ten bucks and most entrees fall far below twenty. So not only is Mia Regazza all about food and family, it’s also a Phan-tastic meal deal.

Mia Regazza can be found at 268 Washington Street in Abington, or online at miaregazza.com.

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