By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It wasn’t easy driving around here Wednesday, with all the torrential downpours and flash flooding.

But it was educational.

And I want to send out a big, soggy thank-you to my fellow drivers who gave me a free education in how to drive in heavy rain.

Before Wednesday, I always thought the very wet roads required extra caution and slower speeds to compensate for loss of braking ability. I did not realize that rain-slicked roads were an invitation to step on the gas.

What a rush to speed through huge puddles, knowing you might hydroplane out of control at any moment!

Watching some of you doing that was difficult at times, what with the spray from your tires wiping out my visibility, but it certainly helped focus my attention on the danger at hand.

And it’s not every day you get to review your life as it flashes before your eyes!

I didn’t have a chance to pull over and chat up the pedestrians I saw, what with my own intense struggle for survival, but I bet they also truly appreciated the drenching they received from your reckless driving. What a refreshing reminder of man’s inhumanity to man, something we all need more of.

A special tip of the cap as well to the flip-side of the speeders among us, the folks who choose a low-visibility moment of extreme weather to slow to a crawl, usually straddling the lanes ahead of me. It was really challenging to come upon you suddenly amid the downpour, praying my brakes would hold since you had sealed off any opportunity to pass.

Thanks for that, it was really special!

I thought once we left winter behind, I wouldn’t have to do any more commentaries about local drivers for awhile. I was wrong.

You continue to defy logic and common sense no matter what the season.

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Jon Keller


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