The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) –  Who doesn’t love the Home Run Derby? You’ve got the best in the world slugging balls all over the yard all in the spirit of competition. Plus it’s the middle of July and the sports calender is very barren, so what else are you going to watch?

The one complaint everyone seems to have about the Derby (besides the length of course) is Chris Berman calling it.

He’s bad. Really, really bad. One person can only take “BACKKK BACKKKK BACKKKKKK!” so many times before changing channels.

Anybody can call the Home Run Derby, so why does ESPN insist on trotting Berman out there?

Well it’s not as easy as Rich Keefe gave it credit for, so on the latest edition of Keefer Madness, Keefe takes a stab at it with his usual humorous, but sarcastic style.

Listen below!



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