BOSTON (CBS) –  It was an over/under Tuesday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

In this edition, Jones and Adam Kaufman go Over/Under with the following topics:

Number of trades made by the Red Sox between now and the trade deadline: 2.5

“Maybe this is wishful thinking,” said Jones. “But I’m going over. It’s hard to differentiate with some of these things, because Jake Peavy might just be a straight salary dump if you dealt him to the Cardinals. Same thing with A.J. Pierzynski and probably the same thing with Jonny Gomes and a lot of the guys the Red Sox are looking to deal. I’ll take the over on it. I think they’re going to be active because there’s a lot of guys to get off the team to clear the way for some of the younger players who the Red Sox, I think anyway, need to find out what they’re capable of over the final couple of months.”

Number of games the Red Sox will win the rest of the season: 30.5

“I’ll take the under. That’s assuming they embrace the youth movement, but even if they don’t guys will check out and start worrying about their own situation. Either way I think they’re winning less than 30 games the rest of the way,” said Jones.

The average annual value (AAV) on Jon Lester’s next contract: $23 million

“I think it’s over. I wouldn’t give it to him and I don’t know if he gets it from the Red Sox, but if he makes it to unrestricted free agency and the open market he’s going to clean up. I do know that about Jon Lester. There was a story from over the weekend that said the Yankees would be interested. The Yankees gave all that money to Masahiro Tanaka and didn’t even see him throw a pitch here! He’s going to get paid if he reaches the open market and I think he will,” said Jones.

Number of interceptions for Darrelle Revis in 2014: 2.5

“He’s going to get over that number in his sleep. There might be a two-interception game or a couple of two-interception games for Darrelle Revis,” said Jones. “He might get twice that number.”

Hours until LeBron James announces his next team: 72

“I hope to God it’s less than that. That’s Friday night. I hope LeBron doesn’t drag this thing out,” said Jones. “I hope he does it on Thursday because that’s when these deals can be announced. But LeBron loves the attention, the adulation and loves being talked about so I think it’ll get through the weekend and into next week.”

Listen below for the full discussion:

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