BOSTON (CBS) – It was a “Buy Or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.” Adam Jones was out, so play along with Rich Keefe and Adam Kaufman on the following topics…

1. Buy Or Sell Jon Lester as the Opening Day starter for the Red Sox in 2015.

“I’m gonna buy it. Right now the contract talks are off but Lester is going to continue to have a good year on a bad team. I do think that they come off of their initial price and I do think that Lester wants to stay — I’ll take him at his word there,” said Keefe. “But you’re going to have to offer him more money and I think the Red Sox will ultimately do that. The team knows that he can pitch in the AL East and in the postseason. I don’t think he’s Clayton Kershaw or Felix Hernandez, but as far as the Red Sox are concerned I don’t think they want to see him walk away.”

2. Buy Or Sell LeBron James seriously considering a return to Cleveland.

“I’m gonna sell it. I think it’s getting tossed around right now because he really wants to put the screws to the Miami Heat. You need to make the Heat concerned that there’s a legit possibility that you are leaving. These other teams I don’t think it’s going to happen, and there’s been some steam with Cleveland all of a sudden,” said Keefe. “Does he really want to walk away from Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the situation in Miami to sort of coach along Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Kyrie Irving for a couple of years until they’re a title contender? I like some of the guys on that team but they’re not ready. He was complaining about the supporting cast in Miami. I’m not convinced it’s any better in Cleveland, so I’m gonna sell that.”

3. Buy Or Sell Josh Gordon’s NFL career being over.

“I’m gonna sell. I don’t think he’s going to get a lifetime ban, therefore if you have the skill some team will give you a chance. Michael Vick was back in the league. Leonard Little killed somebody and was back in the league. Donte Stallworth killed somebody and was back in the league,” said Keefe. “Ray Lewis played for as long as he wanted!”

4. Buy Or Sell Johnny Manziel having the best summer ever.

“I’m gonna sell. I saw pictures of him with Justin Bieber. That does nothing for me. I have no use for him taking snapshots with Bieber,” said Keefe. “He’s had a very good summer, and it’s been a better summer than I’ve had, but I don’t think it’s the best summer ever.”

5. Buy Or Sell the Bruins can replace Jarome Iginla internally.

“I’m gonna sell that. Jarome Iginla had 30 goals last year for the Bruins and led the team in goals in the postseason,” said Keefe. “Even at his age I don’t think Jarome Iginlas grow on trees and I don’t think you have one of him in-house.”

Listen below for the full discussion and leave us your answers in the comments section!

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