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Bradley Jay: ‘What Do You Consider A Fair Minimum Wage?’

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The debate over what constitutes a fair minimum wage continues to blaze. Some feel that any person working a full time job should make enough to lift them out of poverty. They believe that a low minimum wage is tantamount to a labor subsidy for big business as taxpayers make up the difference between minimum wage and the poverty line.

Opponents argue a minimum wage job is just a start and not a career and that, as such, there is no need to increase it. In addition, these people believe that a high minimum wage will increase prices and inflation and lead to job loss. Further, those against a substantial wage bump say a higher wage will anger workers who have had to work their way to a level that newcomers receive automatically.

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Jay Talking asks ‘What Do You Consider A Fair Minimum Wage?’ Click play to see how high Jay Talking respondents believe a minimum wage should be.