BOSTON (CBS) – Scott Zolak and Hardy readily admit they’re not avid soccer fans, but so far they’ve enjoyed what they’ve seen at the 2014 World Cup.

Everything but stoppage time, that is.

Even the most fervent footie supporter would admit the added minutes is confusing, and it was maddening for USA soccer fans during Sunday’s match against Portugal.

With the US up 2-1 going into the 90th minute, the referees added five minutes of stoppage time. And in the last minute of stoppage time, Portugal tied the game at two apiece in the waning seconds.  The match ended in a draw and now the USMNT is in danger of not advancing out of their group.

Hardy and Zo expressed their frustration and confusion with stoppage time Monday on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak show.

“I’m an ignorant futbol fan, but I’m trying to learn,” said Hardy. “I’m trying to expand my knowledge. I’m still firmly within the camp that the way the games are ended and decided, in terms of time, that there is discretion on the part of the one referee in terms of when the game will end, is something that inhibits my complete enjoyment of the sport. Stoppage time is the worst part about the game.”

Zo too admits that the clock management at end of the match was frustrating.

“David Ortiz hits a walkoff. They’re waiting for him at home plate, grabbing the beards, rubbing the head, music blasting. Tom Brady hits [Kenbrell] Thompkins in the corner of the endzone. It’s unicorns. It’s show ponies. I’m sitting there waiting last night like ‘Why is it final?’ Well, they ruled it was final. ‘I don’t want them to rule that this is final!’ This has nothing to do with the clock!”

Regardless of the confusion, Zo says it won’t deter him from watching the World Cup.

“If you listen to the show you know what we are. We aren’t the most avid soccer fans, but dammit they have me hooked.”

Listen to the rest of Zo and Hardy’s World Cup discussion below:



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