BOSTON (CBS) – Friday on the Gresh and Zolak Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub, the guys discussed the Bruins and the possibility of a Brad Marchand trade, but it was the Brazil-Croatia World Cup match and an outrageous penalty that powered the sports talk.

The foul that was called lead to a penalty kick for the Brazilians and ultimately was the deciding factor in the game.

Neymar broke the 1-1 tie with the penalty kick, and the Brazilians ended up winning 3-1. Easy to say, Gresh and Zolak, as well as the listeners, let their feelings be known.

The Croatian player Dejan Lovren was the one accused of fouling the Brazilian player Fred that lead to the controversy.

“So, Fred wins the Academy Award,” said Gresh. “First game, world watching, here you go – Academy Award performance of flopping in the Brazil versus Croatia match-up.”

That was the sentiment felt by many of the callers that called into the show during today’s soccer talk. However, the people also agreed that flopping is a part of the game of soccer and until FIFA does something about it, flopping will continue to impact the games on the pitch. Flopping, like in any sport, can ruin a game.

“The fanfare, the opening ceremonies, everything was great,” said Zolak. “The colors, the pageantry, everything. And a game is going to be decided on a flop. This is the thing that pisses you off about the sport.”

After the game, the Croatians were clearly upset at how they lost the game and the Brazilians couldn’t be any happier that they won on home soil. Let’s just hope for the sake of the World Cup that no more games will be decided by the referees.

Listen Below:



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