BOSTON (CBS) — Thursday night means it’s time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones!

Here are the questions:

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You are L.A. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers.  If Carmelo Anthony joins the Miami Heat this offseason, will you demand a trade to Miami?

Jones as Doc: “As you know I already have a home in Orlando and I like to golf. It really depends if they let me watch more of my kids’ games… Maybe I can go watch Austin ride the pine in New Orleans on an off-day.”

“I would certainly consider going there. I’ll be jealous from afar if all those guys team up and play with each other. I know LeBron, Wade and Bosh were interested in my services in the past… I’d like to weasel my way in; say they get them all, and after a year or two (Erik) Spoelstra can’t get the most out of them, maybe I’ll try and weasel my way in. I don’t know if the timing is right right now.”

You are Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew – What were you doing the last three months?

Jones as Drew: “I was hanging out at the Boras complex, me and Kendrys Morales. A lot of different games; pepper, pickle — we only had two guys plus Scott Boras so there weren’t a lot of participants…. Played a little connect four and some card games.”

So why is Morales playing so well (batting .462 with 3 RBIs in three games with the Twins) while you are battling an injury?

“I’m a Drew, so am I really hurt? I’m feeling a little twinge in my oblique. I’m a free agent at year’s end so I don’t want to risk anything.”

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You are San Jose Sharks forward Joe Thornton. If you leave the Sharks and could pick your next team, who would it be?

Jones as Thornton: “The Blackhawks. There’s no pressure on me there, just like there is no pressure on me in San Jose, but I have a real opportunity to win in Chicago. I think we know with the Sharks, that ain’t happening.”

You are Phil Mickelson. Hypothetically, would you bet on yourself to win the US Open?

Jones as Mickelson: “Lets not be ridiculous. Would I bet on myself — no. Might I exchange info with someone else, so in return I could get some information back and then, maybe, put a few bucks behind it via the stock market? That might be the way to go.”

You are Brazilian soccer star Fred (not Hulk). Is home field an advantage in the World Cup or is there even more pressure on you to win?

Jones as Fred (not Hulk): “It’s an advantage to be at home, but there’s way more pressure on us…. It’s an advantage for all South American teams, so I’d rather be Argentina playing in Brazil where there isn’t as much pressure from the host country to win. As Brazil, not only do we have to win but we have to make up for 1950, where we peed away a World Cup champ against Uruguay. Not only that, knowing if we lose the unrest around the country, like protests and things like that, will get ratcheted up one million percent. It’s much more pressure here than it helps us out.”

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