BOSTON (CBS) – On Thursday’s show, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak spoke with Major League Lacrosse star Paul Rabil about the sport’s rising popularity.

Rabil is a perennial All-Star for the Boston Cannons, a past MVP and Offensive Player of the Year and a former first overall pick. On Thursday, Rabil discussed many things with Gresh and Zo, including the rise of popularity with youth lacrosse and his relationship with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and much more.

Zolak asked Rabil the question that everyone was wondering: Why is the sport of lacrosse becoming so big now across the country, and most specifically in the northeast?

“It’s an incredible game and there’s a lot of individuality to it and it’s a team sport too, so you tailor that in,” said Rabil. “From a safety standpoint, with the NFL and with football in general, I mean you have a contact sport in lacrosse that’s not as concussion prone as per say as football.”

Rabil grew up in a basketball family, and being 6-3 he had the option to play other sports, including soccer and basketball. Rabil finds that athletes tend to develop later in their teens, and that your passion defines you. Rabil’s passion is lacrosse.

It’s a passion that Rabil shares with Bill Belichick.

“He’s (Belichick) an awesome guy,” said Rabil. “He grew up playing lacrosse. Professionals in any industry really they’re consumed in a regular basis by your craft. And that’s why you really enjoy your hobbies or your alternate passions; his is really lacrosse.When I get a chance to talk to him, I’m like you I want to know more about Tom Brady and the leaders on the team and practices and x,y, and z and he doesn’t really want to talk about it. He just wants to ask about the Bayhawks and our last game and how I kind of played this one possession.”

Although Rabil has never played for Coach Belichick, he says he has learned many things from the three-time Super Bowl Champion.

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