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Bradley Jay: ‘Is It Sexist To Give Up Your Seat To A Lady?’

The train is packed with commuters and just about to pull out of the station when a straggler jumps on. It is a woman, huffing and puffing from her dash down the platform to get aboard the train before the conductor blows the whistle.

There was a time when a man would fall allover himself to be the gallant one that sacrificed his seat so that the lady might relax, but on this day no one moves.

If you had been a man in that train car, would you have offered you seat to this woman? If you had been that woman, would you have expected a man to offer you his seat?

Does the act of a man giving ceding his seat to a woman signal a sexist bias based on the notion that woman are the weaker sex, or is it merely an act of civility; something we could use a little more of?

Further, is the very word “lady” a sexist term imbued with expectations of old-school feminine behavior, and therefore obsolete?

Click play to find out if men are still expected to give up their seats to women.