(CBS) – Dessert is stressed spelled backward, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth here are some great places the Phantom Gourmet recommends that might be ideal for reversing any stress you’re experiencing.

At Via in Worcester, a true work of art comes at the end of the meal in the form of the Michelangelo Sampler, featuring 10 bite-sized cones of house-made gelato.

“It’s one of those things that people kind of rubberneck around and look at a table that’s having a next of them goes what do they have because it looks really good.  And it’s a sharp item.”

Sip Wine Bar
You’ve never seen s’mores like the ones served at Sip wine bar in downtown Boston.

“We fire roast them, and serve them with chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis, and crushed graham crackers crumbs. The aroma that comes off that, a torched marshmallow walking through our dining room, people just put it in the back of their minds and say ‘oh boy we have to have that for dessert.’ ”

Fuse Bistro
The No. 1 seller on the dessert menu at Fuse Bistro in Lowell is the upcale ice cream cookie sandwich.

“We make toffee cookies, and then we make some really cool salted caramel ice cream, and then we’ll stack that, and then we put warm, house-made hot fudge all over that, and then a little bit of whipped cream.”

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