By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

HAMPTON, N.H. (CBS) — The boat named the ‘Guest List’ has invited itself into Alicia Preston’s backyard.

“We were worried about it hitting the house,” said Preston. “I mean the waters here get very high, particularly during storm surges, and they can get very rough.”

Not only did she think it might destroy her home, she also worries about property values and any impact on the environment.

The boat came loose months ago from its mooring in the Hampton River and landed in an inlet near Preston’s home.

“We went as far as to hire an attorney to call anybody and everybody to get to the bottom of where this boat came from, who’s responsible and get it the heck out of here,” said Preston.

Since its appearance, the boat has been the subject of all sorts of speculation.

“We always kind of kid around it’s a ghost ship because no one really lives on it,” said Camille Chhoeuk who summers in Hampton. “It’s always kind of there.”

“Well we were told it’s for a movie prop and somewhere out at sea they were going to demolition on it,” said John Forbes who lives nearby.

Preston has heard all of the wild stories.

“So there was a rumor that this was a boat intended to be blown up for the Denzel Washington movie,” laughs Preston. “That wasn’t true which is why my tweets at Denzel didn’t work apparently to come get his boat. I’ve lately heard that it was rumored to be used for filming porn.”

But Mike Wheeler, who helps run the Hampton Marina, says none of the rumors hold water.

“There was no pornography shooting going on,” said Wheeler who owns the Hampton Harbor Boatworks. “And Denzel Washington isn’t going to blow it up.”

Turns out the truth isn’t so exotic after all.

The boat was bought by a family in Florida, and they’ve had money issues bringing it down the coast, according to Wheeler.

In a few weeks repairs will be made and the ‘Guest List’ will finally set sail.

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