Lobster rolls are synonymous with summer around Boston. The Phantom Gourmet is on the hunt to find the best lobster roll in Boston.

Gather is a brand new restaurant overlooking Boston Harbor. For twenty-five bucks, their lobster roll is still quite a tasty deal.
“I’d rather charge a little bit higher price to make sure when that comes out that people are going to be like, ‘woo, I got my money’s worth,’” the boss says.

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Ward 8
Ward 8 restaurant near the TD Garden doesn’t serve a lobster roll. They make something called The Lobster Hole, with fresh lobster meat and black truffle mayo spooned into a brioche nest.

“It’s more of an open faced lobster roll,” says their chef. “You can’t find a lobster hole anywhere else I can think of but here.”

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Row 34
Row 34 in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood doesn’t just make one of the best lobster rolls in the city, it makes two of the best lobster rolls in the city.

“We do a warm buttered lobster roll, where it’s just butter on a toasted bun, and that’s fantastic. And then we do more of a traditional kind of cold lobster roll with lobster salad, but our little spin on it is we put diced dill pickles in it, and creme fresh and mayonnaise; and it’s more of a traditional roll, again on a grilled bun,” Row 34’s chef explains.

Some other great lobster rolls can be found at a roadside stand called Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, Maine, and the “Big Kahuna Lobster Roll” from Joe Fish in North Andover and North Reading.

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