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Bradley Jay: ‘Is It Important For Children To Have A Stay-At-Home Parent?’

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For some time now it has been common practice for both parents to pursue a career and delegate at least some parenting duties to strangers in a child day care situation. And why not? It is a shame not to take advantage of an expensive and time-consuming college education. And it’s great to expose the children to the cultural and intellectual diversity of a day care situation. On the other hand, some parents feel it is import that children have at least one stay-at-home parent during their most formative years. Whether it is the mom or the dad, they feel that a young child is better nurtured when there is one parent at home with them all the time.
It is all too common that parents who have insisted on “having it all” experience regret when they realize they have missed of their kids’ crucial formative experiences.

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Do you think kids are better off if they grow up with at least one stay at home parent or can the day-care childhood produce an equally, or even more, balanced adult?
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