BOSTON (CBS) — Former NFL veteran and SportsHub personality Jermaine Wiggins has an opinion on everything, so when he’s in studio Tuesday afternoons Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti have a number of questions at their disposal and ready to go for him to answer.

You know the deal. Felger moderates the segment and Mazz gets to chime in as well.

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Here are the questions on the latest segment of 10 Questions With Wiggy:

10. Running back Chris Johnson is at the Jets today. How much of a factor in the division would he be if he lands there?

9. Jadeveon Clowney has told teams he is done with private workouts. What are your thoughts?

8. Similarly, much has been made of Johnny Manziel’s visits, including his pro day where he chose to wear pads. What did that tell you, Wiggy?

7. Masters ratings were the lowest they’ve been in 10 years on Sunday. Is that all about Tiger?

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6. The San Francisco 49ers have until May 3, to pick up a 2015 option on Aldon Smith’s contract of $9 million. If you are them, do you do it?

5. Wiggy Word on the Street: “My man Spike took me on a cray cray ride w/ the OldBoy but it was aught!!!” Please translate.

4. The Miami Heat essentially conceded the top seed in the East last night, resting LeBron and losing to the Wizards. So the Eastern Conference Finals would have Indiana with home court. Will that be enough to get the Pacers past the Heat?

3. What would be better for the Patriots, Donald Trump buying the Bills or one of Jeremy Jacobs’ kids buying the Bills?

2. We talk about the importance of sports in times of tragedy like the Marathon bombings last year. You played for the Pats in 2001 after 9/11 and were a part of that story. What are your memories of that?

1. What will be your one, lasting memory/image/thought from the Marathon bombings?