BOSTON (CBS) – Former NFL veteran and Sports Hub personality Jermaine Wiggins has an opinion on everything, so when he’s in studio Tuesday afternoons Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti have a number of questions at their disposal and ready to go for him to answer.

Felger returned from vacation and is back in the “A-hole” chair, so he was the one to moderate this most recent edition of 10 Questions With Wiggy.

Here are the questions:

10. How would you grade Bill Belichick and his offseason to this point? A-? B? C+?

9. Based on the Pats’ moves so far, what should be their top priority at the draft in May?

8. Major League Baseball will have a rule this season where a batter’s intro music can’t last more than 15 seconds. That will cut severely into the Shane Victorino/ Bob Marley tradition at Fenway. Wiggy, what would your walk-up music be?

7. Who is your least favorite Montreal Canadien of all time?

6. Who is your favorite Montreal Canadien of all time?

5. Wiggy Word on the Street: “Getup on them Migos they hot in the skreet right now Emmitt Smith, Hannah Montana!!!!” Please translate.

4. How do you feel about the David Ortiz extension?

3. We are obviously in the midst of March Madness. Do you enjoy betting on it? What is the best sport/event in the world to bet on?

2. My weekly check in at yielded this headline: “Nicki Minaj taking booty selfies. #Forthebros.”  Your thoughts on Nicki Minaj?  Up your alley?

1. Two days ago Mark Cuban said the NFL is diluting its product and is primed for an implosion. He said, “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.” Your thoughts?

Listen for Wiggy’s answers and leave us yours in the comments section below:

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