Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand were joined by Jermaine Wiggins and the guys opened the day discussing the off-season moves of the New England Patriots. Have the Patriots done enough to catch up to the Denver Broncos? Would the Patriots consider playing newly acquired cornerback Brandon Browner at safety?

In Hour 2 of Mazz and Bertrand, the guys and Jermaine talked about the future of Vince Wilfork in New England. Wilfork has requested his release. Are the Patriots ready to move on from Wilfork? The guys went on to play 10 Questions with Wiggy. Before the listeners got to ask Wiggy some questions, the guys continued to take calls on the Pats off-season.

During Hour 3 of Massarotti and Bertrand, Tony and Marc got into the Boston Red Sox. If Grady Sizemore continues to have a great Spring and is named the Opening Day center fielder, what will it mean for the future of Jackie Bradley Jr.? Will the New York Yankees regret the Jacoby Ellsbury signing? Mazz and Bertrand went on to discuss the Boston Celtics and “Tankapalooza.” The C’s have lost their last five games. The Boston Bruins have won 9 straight games. Are the Bruins peaking too soon?

In the fourth and final Hour, Mazz and Bertrand reset the topics of the day and talked about the Patriots off-season. Which team had a better off-season? The Patriots or the Broncos? What needs should the Pats address next? Will Darrelle Revis be in New England beyond this upcoming season? Finally, it’s the Final Word with Marshall Hook.


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