(Image: WBZ-TV)

(Image: WBZ-TV)

Needham residents are being challenged today to put down their phones.

The town is holding its first “Phone-Free Friday” as part of a month-long campaign to get families to give up all their gadgets, and spend more time together face to face.

Town officials don’t just want you to hang up.

Yesterday was “Social Networking-Free Thursday”.

March 14 will be “Email-Free Friday”.

March 25 will be “Text-Free Tuesday”.

Needham even wants families to unplug from homework!  One day a year they impose a homework ban and ask parents to cancel any evening events so families can spend time together.

What do you think about this? Would you or have you imposed rules like this for your family? Do you think you could live without your phone for a whole day? Would you want to?


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