Felger and Massarotti were joined by Jermaine Wiggins and the guys opened the day talking some New England Patriots. Is Darrelle Revis a better option than Aqib Talib for the Pats? On the offensive side of the ball, who is the better option for the Patriots? Julien Edelman or Danny Amendola? Finally, Lt. Eric Wilson of the United States Army came by the studio to visit Felger and Mazz. Lt. Wilson is the soldier that sent Felger and Massarotti an American Flag that flew in Afghanistan.

In Hour 2 of Felger and Mazz, the guys and Wiggy discussed the Boston Bruins and tomorrow’s NHL Trade Deadline. What can Bruins fans expect to see at the deadline? How important is it for the Bruins to add defensive depth? Felger and Massarotti went on to play 10 Questions with Wiggy. Before the listeners get to ask Wiggy some questions, Felger and Mazz took a few more phone calls on the Patriots and Bruins.

During Hour 3, Felger and Massarotti talked some Major League Baseball and the expansion of instant replay. Mike and Tony also discussed David Ortiz and the Sox projected lineup when the season opens. The guys got back into tomorrow’s NHL Trade Deadline. Will the B’s make any moves before 3pm tomorrow? The Vancouver Canucks have traded goaltender Roberto Luongo to the Florida Panthers and now Luongo will be on the same team as former Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas. Finally, Marc “The Beetle” Bertrand gives his 2nd Oscars Minute.

In the fourth and final hour of Felger and Mazz, the guys continue to discuss the Patriots and their off-season. It is a realistic possibility that Darrelle Revis could become a member of the Pats? The NHL Trade Deadline is at 3pm tomorrow. What kind of moves should the Bruins be looking to make? To wrap the show up, we hear the Final Word with Marc Bertrand.

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