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‘Do You Let Airline Security Scares Affect Your Travel Plans?’

From time to time, we receive a bulletin warning us that there is some sort of new or renewed threat to airline safety. These missives alert us to potential shoe bombers, underwear bombers, explosive devices concocted from substances in toothpaste tubes, and all manner of scary scenarios. Airport security gets ramped up, more shoes get swabbed, more bodies get scanned, and more passengers get nervous.

My question for this Jay Talking video episode is ‘do you let airline security scares affect your travel plans?’ Would an alert about heightened shoe bomb chatter make you cancel flights? Would an airline terror warning make you choose a vacation destination that you can drive to? Or can you truly keep any risk in perspective and not give it another thought?

Click play to find out how your air travel fear quotient compares to your neighbors’ levels of trepidation.

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