BOSTON (CBS) – MIT is apologizing for sending an email to applicants that read, “You are on this list because you are admitted to MIT!” According to the MIT Admissions blog, the message was accidentally sent in the footer of the email about financial aid, when two mailing lists were merged.

Chris Peterson, the Admissions Counselor for Web Communications, explained that they have a list for admitted students and a list for all applicants, and the mistake arose from consolidating those lists.

The footer of the email for applicants who were still awaiting a decision, should have read, “You are receiving this email because you applied to MIT and we sometimes have to tell you things about stuff.”

“My guess is that overall a very small number of our current applicants even noticed this,” Peterson wrote in the blog. “But any number of people getting this kind of mixed signal is too many.”

Applicants should learn whether or not they are accepted by March.



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