BOSTON (CBS) – With the Super Bowl in New York, Felger & Mazz will be talking to plenty of New Yorkers on radio row leading up to the big game.

Tuesday’s “New Yorker Of The Day” was Sid Rosenberg of WMEN in Miami and WFAN in New York, who is sick of all the people complaining about a cold weather Super Bowl.

“I love it. It’s cold, so what?” said Rosenberg. “Did Peyton Manning play in pristine conditions in Denver in December while he was having this record-breaking season? No, this is football and elements are part of the game. Ideally you don’t want slow and sleet and ice, but cold temperatures? Come on, it’s football!”

As for the big game, Rosenberg says you’re crazy if you aren’t picking the Denver Broncos.

“I’m not a big fan of either team. I like Peyton, I don’t love him. Seattle bores the hell out of me. Great team, great defense, but I’m not in love with Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch,” said Rosenberg. “Denver is going to win, and there’s not even a question about it. If you’re questioning if Denver is going to win on Sunday, you’re somewhere between naive and stupid, and probably closer to the latter.

“This idea that defenses win Super Bowls is so archaic. At the end of the day Russell Wilson is going to have to make plays, and he can’t,” he said. “Manning is going to find a way to make plays. The Seattle secondary, which is all of a sudden the greatest secondary to ever play the game of football, if you think they’re going to stop Thomas, Decker and these guys all day, you’re nuts. ”

“Denver will make more plays, they’re a much better offense and better balanced football team,” said Rosenberg. “There is no way Denver loses this game.”

Rosenberg did make an offer should Denver lose the game, but it’s not suitable for print:

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