BOSTON (CBS) – Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti opened their show on Wednesday discussing the legacy of Bill Belichick, and whether or not he needs another Super Bowl ring to further solidify his career.

There’s still the AFC Championship game to be played, but one can’t help but talk legacy from a historical perspective when you have two of the best quarterbacks ever squaring off for the fifteenth time in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady – these types of conversations just seem to happen naturally.

Speaking of Brady, where does he rank in the pantheon of great quarterbacks?

According to one caller, Brady can never be considered as good as Joe Montana.

Nick in Adams drew the ire of Marc Bertrand when he said that Tom Brady will never be as good as Joe Montana, because Joe Cool went undefeated in his four Super Bowl appearances, whereas Brady has lost two.

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So wait a second . . . getting to a Super Bowl and losing is somehow a stain on your résumé?

“I hate that. I hate that, I hate that, I hate that! If you win four Super Bowls that’s great, but if you go to six and win four that’s worse?”

“I hate that someone would use that as a black mark on the record because you lost a Super Bowl. So I’m better off being a one-and-done, like Joe Montana was four times, than making it to the Super Bowl and losing it to one of the other best teams in the NFL?”

“It’s one of the dumbest arguments going and I hear it all the time. It’s stupid. Drives me nuts. How does that make any sense? Now we’re counting Super Bowl winning percentages? So if LeBron James wins eight championships and goes to ten or eleven, is Michael Jordan still better? I hate that argument,” Bertrand concluded.

Beetle’s full rant, and Mazz’s rebuttal is worth the listen!

Listen below:

  1. Montana has 4 playoff seasons where he went 0-1 knocked out on the first game, Brady only has 2. Brady 3 games deep into the playoffs 8 times.; Montana 5 times, so if Brady got knocked out earlier the two season he lost he would still have a better Playoff Record plus no Superbowl losses. It is like Montana is rewarded for getting knocked out of the playoffs earlier then Brady, and Brady is punished for going deeper in the playoffs more often and consistently.

    Joe Montana went 1 and out 4 times; Tom went 1 and out only 2 times. Joe’s teams went 1 and out 36% of the times they made the playoffs. Tom’s teams only 14% Joe’s teams had a winning season record in the playoffs only 45% Tom teams 57%

    Montana gets knocked earlier, Brady goes deeper in the playoffs and that means he is not as good? How does that work Joe has for 1 and outs , Brady only 2. This is the 8th time Brady has 2 or wins in a Playoff Season Montana has 5 , Brady wins more games in the season how is that then turned into “well he lost in the big game” He won as many as Montana, has 1/2 the one and outs as Montana , has more higher Win percentage, records for most passes no INTs, 90+ % making QB sneaks for 1 or 2 yards,.

    He even has a winning record when trailing going into the 4th: He will be in more Superbowl than any other player let along QB. Year after year his peers vote him in the top 4 Players of the NFL he’s been 1st 2nd a few times consistent every year since the award started. Their comments are often not about stats, but how he runs the offense, reads the defense, the the quickness of mind and release of the ball as well as adjustments and his ability to win.

    It seems that ability to consistently make the playoffs better than Montana, consistently go deeper in the playoffs may be costing him in some folks view, because those deeper runs ended deeper twice in the Superbowl compared to Montana’s added 1 and outs. The peers say he gives his team a chance to win,m and he’s punished because he did longer and better than Montana.

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