BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots might not have the best running back left in playoff contention – that honor could be reserved for Marshawn Lynch, or perhaps even Frank Gore.

But with LeGarrette Blount, Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen in their stable, the Patriots arguably have one of, if not the best collection of runners among the remaining teams.

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The emergence of this newfound running attack is something the Patriots employed with more regularity after the Rob Gronkowski injury, and now that Gronk is out of the picture, Danny from Quincy believes the team might be better off.

Crazy, we know . . . or is it?

Hear him out:

“It was a blessing in disguise and I’ll tell you why: I’m not saying they’re a better team without him, I’m saying if they had him they’d be tempted. Like that cookie jar in the top of the cupboard when you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll always be tempted to go to it.”

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“This is the best thing that could’ve happened to this team. Every time the Patriots try to morph back into the passing game it doesn’t work – even without Gronkowski.”

“They had a 20-0 lead on Baltimore, they tried to pass and it failed. Last week the Colts cut the lead 14-7, and the next possession they line up in the shotgun on the first play and go three-and-out!”

“If we’re going to lose, we’re going down with the running ship. I don’t think they would be committed to the run like they are if Gronkowski was on the team,” concluded Danny.

What do you think? Is Danny out of his mind?

Listen below for the full discussion and feel free to leave us your opinion in the comments section:

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