BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots radio play-by-play man Bob Socci dropped by the studio on Friday as he does every week to answer five tough questions from Michael Felger.

When Jermaine Wiggins comes in on Tuesdays we ask him 10 questions, but since Bob is half of Wiggy’s size he only has to answer 5 questions – here they are:

1. Who has been the Patriots team MVP this year?

2. Who has been the most disappointing player for the Patriots this season?

3. Who is your favorite slow NFL player in history?

4. Who is your favorite Colts player of all time? Who is your least favorite Colts player of all time?

5. If the Patriots lose on Saturday it will be:

a.) A choke

b.) A failure

c.) An underachievement

Listen below for his answers, and leave us yours in the comments section below:


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