BOSTON (CBS) – Sports Hub host Michael Felger can’t stop glowing about Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

He knows it’s early, and even though you can’t become eligible for Canton until five years after retirement, Felger says just put him in the Hall of Fame now.

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“Am I crazy, am I wrong to say that Andrew Luck is a Hall of Famer? Given the rules in the league, given the fact that he plays inside – I think he is as big of a lock to make the Hall of Fame as any second-year player in the league as I have ever seen.”

“Short of injury, a drug problem or he gets hit by a bus – I don’t see how he doesn’t make it. I just look at him in his second year and I see size, athleticism and a guy that can make all the throws.”

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“He is wicked smart. From the first game I saw him play in the preseason he commanded the huddle, he controls the team, he knows the clock and he reads the defense. His knack to be able to step up in the pocket when he feels pressure to the outside is special – and nevermind him taking off and running.”

“He is as far along in his second year as any player I have ever seen. This sounds ridiculous, but at the end of his career I think we’re going to be ranking him up there with Brady, Montana and Elway.”

Listen below for the full discussion:

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