By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

WALPOLE (CBS) – It was just before 11:30 Monday morning, when a Toyota Avalon pulled into 1-A Auto Clinic in Walpole.

What happened seconds later, driver Ed Grace, says was a terrible accident. “I pulled in to get gas. There was one car ahead of me. He pulled up and I went to go ahead. I tried to stop. My foot hit the gas pedal,” the 83-year-old explained.

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Surveillance video shows the impact. Grace’s car hit the gas station attendant and knocked over the pump. A fire broke out on the base. Another worker, seconds later, grabbed an extinguisher and worked to put the fire out. The attendant was thrown 30 feet, according to police, and ended up near busy Main Street. “He got up again and he crawled over to the sidewalk,” Grace said.

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“It’s too bad,” said customer Bob Fedor. He’d stopped by Monday night to pick up his car which was being serviced. What he found, was a closed station and the charred aftermath of the wreck. “It’s just scary. It’s a shame it happened. You know, I’ve been having my cars repaired here for several years,” he said.

Ed Grace is also a regular and lives less than a mile away. He hasn’t been charged, but police did impound the car as they investigate the crash. And even though he says he hasn’t had any recent issues behind the wheel, he will consider giving up his license. “I don’t know. I may. I mean I’m just shook up today. I’m totally shook up. I’m still upset,” he said.

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He’s most worried about the man he hit. He’d like to eventually talk to the victim to tell him he’s sorry for the dramatic moments which just happened to be caught on camera. “Oh, I just feel so bad. It was a total, total accident,” he said. The man is hospitalized in Norwood, but police say he’s expected to fully recover.