BOSTON (CBS) – The NFL Network’s Albert Breer was in Indianapolis on Saturday to see the Colts’ historic comeback over the Kansas City Chiefs, and he believes that in just his second year in the league, Andrew Luck has entered that “elite” class of quarterbacks.

Jon Wallach couldn’t be happier that the Patriots will host the Colts – a team he believes is devoid of any offensive playmakers and no real threat on defense besides Robert Mathis.

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“Do we really need to play the game? Why show up? The game is over,” said a half-joking Jon Wallach Monday morning.

However, Bert Breer doesn’t think the Colts will be the slam dunk that Wallach is making them out to be, mainly because of QB Andrew Luck.

“Luck is beginning to move to that Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees level. To some degree, he’s doing what Tom Brady has done, which is fixing all the problems the Colts have because of the injuries.”

When pressed for prediction, Breer noted the weather could have an impact on the game. The Colts aren’t used to playing in the elements, and the forecast for Saturday is calling for rain.

If Luck and company can weather the storm, brace yourself for a high-scoring affair.

“I could certainly see Saturday turning into a shootout. I think both teams should be able to move the ball on the other team’s defense,” said Breer.

Rich provided a stat that of the remaining teams in the AFC, every one of them has beaten the Denver Broncos this season.

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In discussing the other Divisional Round AFC matchup, Breer is giving the #6 seed Chargers a good shot to upset the top-seeded Broncos on Sunday.

“The Chargers haven’t lost since December 1st and head coach Mike McCoy has done a really nice job in fixing Philip Rivers. I just think the Chargers are going to go in there fearless, and Peyton Manning still has a lot of questions to answer about his playoff play over the last few years.”

“I think there’s a lot of pressure on Peyton Manning come Sunday afternoon. This is a Chargers team that’s got nothing to fear going in there. They’ve got a coach in Mike McCoy who knows the Broncos team very well having coached there for five or six years, and a general manager that was in Indianapolis for over a decade who knows Manning very well – I think this is a scary matchup for Denver.”

Get Breer’s take on the NFC and listen to the full discussion below:

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