BOSTON (CBS) — Hundreds of travelers are stuck at Logan Airport after airlines delayed or canceled several Sunday flights.

Cold, snowy weather in the Midwest is having its effect at Logan Airport.

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New York’s JFK Airport was closed at 8:32 a.m. Sunday when a Delta Connection flight from Toronto skidded off a runway. The airport is set to reopen at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

“As the aircraft was exiting the runway onto a taxiway, it slid into the snow. No injuries were reported to the FAA. The FAA is investigating,” the FAA said in a statement.

Delaware’s New Castle County Airport was closed for an hour Sunday morning, flights from Philadelphia are delayed more than two hours.

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A spokesperson from the Federal Aviation Administration said Sunday, no air traffic delays have been reported at Logan.

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MassPort says flights into and out of the airport are “continuing to play catchup” due to flight delays from the Midwest.

There are cancelations and delays with both  arrivals and departures.

JetBlue, U.S. Airways and United have canceled dozens of flights throughout the day.

“The combination of peak holiday return travel (where flights were full, leaving few rebooking options) plus the winter storm in the Northeast (where JetBlue has our major bases of operation) and new pilot scheduling rules (which result in pilots timing out more aggressively) have combined to significantly impact our operations. We have few options available, further hindered by incoming weather (icing conditions) in the Northeast,” a JetBlue spokesperson told WBZ-TV. “We are working hard to reset the operation and get people where they’re going, but it will take days, not hours.”

JetBlue is offering a fee waiver for flights delayed or canceled in the Northeast.

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You should check your airline if you have a flight Sunday.