MILTON (CBS) – A dog that spent more than seven weeks lost in the Blue Hills Reservation is back home with its owners.

Layla, a 35-lb. lab mix, took off back on November 16. She had been spotted a few times in the area, most recently in a yard bordering the reservation.

With help, her owner Meredith Gangler set up a trap containing food in the yard last week.

Layla was spotted in the yard several times since, but never took the bait.

On December 31, Gangler showed up to re-set the trap, only to find Layla wandering around the yard.

“We were able to grab her (she fortunately did seem to recognize me as well) and now she’s home, safe and sound! Currently sleeping the sleep of the exhausted, but clearly very happy to be home!” Gangler told the Friends of Blue Hills.

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