WESTFORD (CBS) — After fire tore through a Westford family’s home on Friday, they were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

But that all changed Sunday.

After a whirlwind effort, started by the very firefighters who put the fire out in the Daily home, the family is getting back on their feet.

“When a family loses everything that they own, it is a tough thing to swallow, especially at this time of the year with the holidays,” Lt. Dan Britko said.

Firefighters tried to save the home but it was too far gone.

“Immediately after the fire, the Westford firefighters got together and we wanted to know what we could do,” he said.

What they did resulted in a room full of clothing and other gifts to help the family of five.

“It’s amazing to see what happened in under two days, really amazing,” Jason Daily said.

The story spread on Facebook and gift cards came pouring in. Local businesses set up donation drives.

“We were talking to the family a little while ago and in our profession we see people at the best of times and at the worst of times and this was definitely the worst of times for the family,” Britko said.

The worst of times have been made a little better by an entire community’s outpouring of support.

“I think it’s quite nice,” 9-year-old Aidan Daily said. “I’d say thank you for giving us this stuff so we can at least start fresh again.”

Dad Jason agrees.

“As horrible of an experience as this has been and is ongoing to be, to get this kind of help back from the community really means a lot to my wife and I and to my whole family.”


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