BOSTON (CBS) – Hardy and Mike Flynn filled in on Wednesday morning for a vacationing Toucher and Rich, and they were joined by Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe to discuss the rumored Rajon Rondo trade proposal and other Celtics related topics.

Donny Marshall of NBC Sports said yesterday that the Celtics will trade Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings as part of a major deal.

Details of that major deal trickled out later in the day, and it would include Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson, Ben Mclemore and two future first-round picks for Rondo.

Washburn isn’t putting much stock into this rumored proposal mainly because the Celtics wouldn’t be getting the same value in return.

“I don’t think the Rondo thing has many legs to it. First of all, you want assets for Rondo – major assets – and I’m not sure what the Kings have to offer besides Demarcus Cousins and they’re not going to move him,” said Washburn. “I just don’t see that happening.”

What could happen according to Washburn would be a deal with the Rockets involving center Omer Asik.

“I do think that’s intriguing for the Celtics. He’s a big man, defensive-minded that can run the floor and someone they can lay their hat on as a center. They haven’t had a legitimate big man since Kendrick Perkins left. I do think they’re interested in him.”

The one snag that could derail that deal would be money and what Houston would get from the Celtics.

“Asik is set to make $14 million next season so you’ve got to pay him that money and have players equal to that salary to send back to Houston. They’d have go give up potentially a lot to get this guy.”

Listen to the full discussion below:



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