Evening update: no significant changes to the forecast. A winter weather advisory is in place for all the areas shaded in purple, effective 11 PM tonight until 1 PM tomorrow morning. This storm won’t be a blockbuster by any means – there’s just not enough energy or moisture to work with. Precipitation should generally be light and accumulations, low. The issue at hand is that the storm will coincide with Monday morning rush hour. Let’s break down the details…

Timing:  Snow develops from south to north around or just after midnight tonight, changing to rain first along the south coast and Cape. The snow will transition to a period of sleet and freezing rain from south to north from mid morning to midday respectively as relatively “milder” air works into the region. Pockets of wintry mix will linger longest from the Rt 2 corridor into southwest NH. Otherwise, it’s plain rain showers for everybody during the afternoon, tapering in coverage by evening.

Snapshot of Forecast Precipitation & Clouds

Snapshot of Forecast Precipitation & Clouds

Accumulation: With a wind off the ocean, the coastline will see little if any snow, which will then be washed away by the rain anyways. The “highest” amounts will be focused across the interior, especially along & outside of 495. Any ice accumulations should be limited to a trace to 0.1”. Untreated surfaces will be slippery tomorrow AM.

Accumulation Map

Accumulation Map

So putting this all together, this round of wintry weather ranks as a 1, or low impact, on our iScale.  The bottom line here is that the timing is unfortunate. Because of that, there may be some delays for schools tomorrow along with hazardous driving conditions. Be sure to take it slow on the roads, leave extra time for your commute and tune in to WBZ for the very latest forecast from Todd Gutner in the AM.


WBZ Accuweather iScale Rating for this event



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