BOSTON (CBS) – Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak opened up their show discussing the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry in anticipation of Thursday night’s game in Montreal.

The history of these two teams dates back generations, and perhaps no other rivalry in the NHL can match the hatred shared between them.

But is it Boston’s best rivalry?

The friction between the Red Sox and Yankees seems to have simmered in recent years, and Rex Ryan’s Jets challenging the Patriots for AFC East supremacy has long been an afterthought.

Krug On Gresh & Zo: Canadiens Will Be A ‘Good Test’

For Zolak, it’s not even close.

Bruins and Canadiens is just about all we have left.

“This rivalry is the biggest one out of your four big sports teams,” said Zolak. “This is the rivalry in the city. It’s not Yankees-Red Sox for me. For me it’s starting to become more Red Sox and Rays. The Patriots have no rival, it’s really not the Jets anymore.”

“This is history man, this is engrained. This is the last, pure, engrained rivalry that we have.”

For Gresh & Zo, what adds even more to the rivalry is the style of play of the two teams.

Both teams are each other’s antithesis: the Bruins are a hard nosed, defensive-minded team that likes to get physical, whereas the Canadiens play with speed, finesse and are more offense-oriented.

The dichotomy of their playing styles makes for a more entertaining game, and is just another element that makes this rivalry so unique.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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