By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — It’s an extreme bridge makeover in Dorchester as Mass DOT employees work feverishly to complete the new Clayton Street Red Line Bridge in time for Monday’s commute.

Workers demolished the 102-year-old Red Line bridge on Friday.

Now, they are using this high-tech self propelled modular transporter to carry the new pre-assembled bridge a short distance on Clayton Street and lower it into position.

“What folks are doing now is preparing the abutment so that when the bridge is rolled in it can set into place,” Mass DOT secretary and CEO Richard Davey said.

For the Simmons family of Dorchester, it was a sight to behold.

“I lived in the neighborhood a long time and we wanted to be a part of history and its amazing equipment they are using,” Mike Simmons said.

The bridge carries Red Line trains over Clayton Street in Dorchester.

This marks the first time that accelerated bridge construction techniques will be used to replace a bridge in the MBTA subway system.

While the train is down, Mass DOT is using bus service to transport commuters up and down the Red Line.

“It’s a short inconvenience but for a bridge that is going to last 75 years, it’s worth it,” Davey said.

Typically a project like this would take about 30 months to complete. Mass DOT says they will have it done this weekend.

Paul Burton


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